Enforcement Officer/Assistant Director – Clarion County

Located in Clarion County, pay range is $17.00 – $21.25per hour, 35 hours per week

Deadline to Apply: Thursday, November 23, 2023

The purpose of the position of Assistant Director/Enforcement Officer is to
provide administrative support to the Director and process all requests through
the PACSES system. This position will also work all enforcement remedies for
support cases to obtain full, timely payment.

1. Perform necessary duties of the Director when absent.
2. PACSES Administrator:  Submit online requests for any problems that arise from PACSES/SCDU, Data Processing Service Requests, Financial Exceptions Requests, SCDU Coordinator
3. Enforcement:
• Prepare Contempt Petitions
• Work daily enforcement alerts for compliance of court order• Review files and determine necessary enforcement action
• Schedule and conduct enforcement/contempt conferences
• FIDM/MSFIDM-review all financial data matches received via mail alerts for processing
• Review Credit Bureau reporting and process
• Review driver’s license and recreational license suspensions and process
• Process bench warrants, release orders and detainers
• Maintain the incarceration log.
4. Financials
• Submit over the counter payments to SCDU via computer for processing and prepare bank deposits when Director is absent
• Work the R902 (FTI report) daily
5. Prepare court orders and enter information onto PACSES for processing

• Orders from contempt hearings
6. Prepare the DRS Hearing Officer’s Report and Recommendation for processing.
7. Work a number of monthly Data Integrity Task (DIT) lists (per attached) and initiates the necessary action.
8. Assist clients and workers daily with questions/complaints/concerns.
9. Perform related duties as assigned by authorized personnel and back-up to office personnel when necessary.
10. Read Daily Production and proceed accordingly with any new information being implemented by the PACSES project.
11. Review and follow through with alerts received from CSLN.
12. Attend contempt hearings and prepare court orders, as needed.
13. Process and prepare emancipation orders.

Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree and 2 years of experience in family law, or a similar combination of experience and education
required. Must have strong computer skills supervisory and accounting experience.

1. Ability to work effectively with the public, co-workers, subordinates, and government officials.
2. Ability to speak and write English fluently and to understand written and spoken English.
3. Effective communication skills.
4. Good interpersonal skills.
5. Ability to exercise initiative and problem-solving skills in carrying out job duties, and to make independent decisions when circumstances warrant.
6. Ability to function independently and to be flexible.
7. Knowledge of modern office practices and equipment.
8. Ability to become familiar with various legal publications, legal terminology and the Pennsylvania Rules of Civil Procedures in order to
comprehend various documents and schedule matters as dictated by rule and/or statute.
9. Skilled in utilizing current word processing and spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft Office.
10. Ability to handle a variety of unrelated issues simultaneously.
11. Required to maintain strict confidentiality, as specifically set forth in the Court Personnel and Procedures Manual.
12. Partisan political activity prohibited.

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