Domestic Relations Association of Pennsylvania (DRAP)

Pennsylvania’s child support program that proudly services children and families.

From Rick Redden, DRAP President

It is my extreme pleasure to welcome you to the Domestic Relations Association of Pennsylvania (DRAP) website. The site provides you with information under the Help for Families page, providing useful information such as the Child Support Handbook, the Child Support Estimator and access to the Federal Office of Child Support links.

This web page can also assist you in navigating to the Pennsylvania Child Support website whereby you can apply for support services, find contact information about your County Domestic Relations Office, as well as, numerous other resources allowing you to research more about the Pennsylvania Child Support Program.

By using this website, you can receive answers to many of the commonly asked questions about Pennsylvania Child Support and provide in-depth explanations as to how the Child Support process works.

For additional information on any Child Support issues that you may have, please contact your local Domestic Relations Office as their trained experts are readily available to assist you.

Welcome DRAP Members!

This website is designed for YOU, the dedicated members of DRAP who proudly serve Pennsylvania’s families and children.

The Domestic Relations Association of Pennsylvania (DRAP) is an organization of over 1,300 child support professionals, representing 65 counties, who are responsible for the establishment, collection and enforcement of child support across the Commonwealth.  The organization has 13 committees, which actively work to improve various components of the child support program in Pennsylvania. These committees tackle and share information on topics such as training, legislation, Supreme Court rules and intergovernmental standardization.  For more information on DRAP’s purpose, please view the organization’s mission statement found under the About Page.

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2022 DRAP Statistics

* 2022 Federal Fiscal Year started October 2021 and ended September 2022

$ 0
Child support collected and distributed in the 2022 Federal Fiscal Year
Support cases open at the end of the 2022 Federal Fiscal Year
Paternity established for children born out of wedlock in the 2022 Federal Fiscal Year