Domestic Relations Association of Pennsylvania


The primary purposes of Domestic Relations Association of Pennsylvania shall be charitable in nature and in scope in the following areas:

  1. To encourage and promote toward the advancement of methods, means and standards in the field of family law, with particular attention being given to all aspects of support enforcement.
  2. To provide a forum to identify the ongoing training needs of Domestic Relations personnel and ensure that those training needs are met by developing appropriate trainings, workshops or conferences and by participating within the state training institute advisory board to develop appropriate standards, curriculum and courses.
  3. To provide family support services to the community; and in particular, the location of absent parents, the establishment of paternity, the establishment and enforcement of financial, medical and other support orders to preserve the rights of all children, with the objective of insuring their ongoing support and nurturing by both parents.
  4. To provide and encourage public awareness and education throughout the commonwealth by the state “Bureau of Child Support Enforcement” and to encourage public announcements of the services available at the state and local level.
  5. To encourage and support cooperation from, and with, the state “Bureau of Child Support Enforcement” regarding all aspects of the program at the state and local level.
  6. To carry on all activities reasonably related to the field of support enforcement.

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