Domestic Relations Association of Pennsylvania

Carla Smith

President, DRAP

Crawford County Domestic Relations Section

A Message from the President

I am truly excited to welcome you on behalf of the DRAP Board of Directors to The City of Champion’s for the 55th Annual Domestic Relations Association of Pennsylvania Training Conference. The return of in-person conferences is not just about a break in the monotony of telework and virtual meetings. It is also confirmation of the good will and common interest that is shared by child support workers. Adam Fencil and the Annual Conference Committee have assembled an outstanding conference agenda that examines innovation and best practices as we move forward.

This year’s conference will allot time for you to explore downtown Pittsburgh before attending the President’s Dessert and Cocktail Reception Sunday evening and continuing through Thursday morning. The entertainment committee has worked hard to showcase the City of Champions with some exciting events. These events will provide time to relax and network with colleagues throughout the state.

The conference committee always strives for the best experience to bring everyone together who dedicates his or her time and energy toward shaping the future of child support. Collaboration is key when County Offices, DRAP, BCSE, PACSETI, OCSE, Deloitte, and Conduent work together to make a program a success. This Annual Conference could not exists without all of our partners kicking in their time and resources. As generations evolve, so has the child support program to provide more education, support and guidance to parents. The 55th Annual DRAP Conference will provide you these tools and invaluable networking opportunities.

I want to thank every contributor, especially Adam Fencil, Conference Chair and my staff for all the hard work they put in to make this a successful conference.

Did you know? The Steelers have 6 Super Bowl Rings, The Penguins have 5 Stanley Cup Championships and the Pirates have 5 World Series Titles.

Let’s get the 55th DRAP Annual Conference going!