Domestic Relations Association of Pennsylvania

DRAP Conference Slogan Winner

On behalf of the DRAP Board of Directors and the DRAP Public Relations Committee, I want to thank each of the participants in the slogan contest to choose the theme for our upcoming training conference in Pittsburgh. We had 89 entries, the most ever submitted! Choosing just one entry as the “winner” was very difficult since there were so many good ones to choose from.

I am pleased to announce that the winning entry, voted on by the Board of Directors, was submitted by Carl Ciglar from Philadelphia County. The slogan for the 2022 DRAP Conference is:

The 55th Annual DRAP Training Conference: Bridging the gap for Pennsylvania’s children and families.

Congratulations Carl on winning the contest and the $100 prize!

Directors, please pass along this announcement to your staff who are not DRAP members so we can extend our thanks to all those who submitted such outstanding slogans for consideration. Thanks again and hope to see you all in Pittsburgh this Fall!

Julia Parker Greenwood, Chair

DRAP Public Relations Committee

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