What happens at a DRAP Conference?

The DRAP Conference is a training conference. You will attend workshops, plenary sessions and social events to learn about child support from experienced workers and administrators.

What do I wear?

For the workshops and plenary sessions business casual is appropriate. For the social events in the evenings wear what you are comfortable in. The banquet on Wednesday evening at the Big DRAP conference in September is a formal affair.

What is the difference between the DRAP Board Basket and a county basket?

The DRAP Board basket is filled with items donated by your DRAP Board of Directors. Those proceeds are used to fund the DRAP scholarships and / or to donate to Human Service Organizations. These decisions are made by the DRAP Board of Directors.

Do I need to bring cash?

You are responsible for most meals at DRAP conferences. You will need cash if you wish to purchase raffle tickets for the DRAP Board Basket.

What does a workshop Moderator do?

Prior to the conference a moderator Gets Bios, workshop abstracts and any AV needs from presenters. At the conference you arrive early to assure the room is properly arranged, introduce presenters, and control time.